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Half cut family traditions - Crafts on Sea

Easter, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day. I always feel like we should be doing something extra for the kids. I tell them it’s a ‘special day’, one that only happens once a year in which we do things a bit differently, but in reality I’m unsure, slightly floundering. What are these family traditions that everyone else is apparently doing?

I suppose it doesn’t help that most of the big festivities are Christian, and while my husband is a born-again Christian working for a church, preaching and all that, not only are all of my family not Christian (myself included), there’s a large proportion who won’t even step inside a church for a wedding. And family traditions can get a bit tricky when your parents are divorced, like mine are, with the festivities to be shared out according to who you’re due to see. Added to that, the idealised picture of your cornflake packet family gathered round the table for the Easter roast leg of lamb just doesn’t happen when most of you are vegetarians. That’s a lot of things isn’t it?

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