'Hairs Looking at You Kid!' An H&A Haircare Review

'Hairs Looking at You Kid!' An H&A Haircare Review

Grace has always, always had tangly hair. Fact! It has been that way since she was a very small child. She used to rock at night to get herself to sleep and, even now, still does it on occasion. This results in some rather interesting hair styles come the morning! I have even made up a small book entitled ‘The Tangle Fairies’ because of this which I may share with you one day.

H&A, the lovely sponsors of Tots 100, recently gave Grace and I the chance to review some of their hair care products so, in the post a couple of days ago we received a wonderfully presented gift box with shampoo, de-tangle spray, hair bands and clips together with some instructions on how to style different designs for long hair.

First we tested out the de-tangle spray on Grace’s dry hair – which was, of course, full of tangles:

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