Guilty Pleasures & Secrets

Guilty Pleasures & Secrets

There are many things I love which I am quite honestly a little sheepish about and others that many people simply don’t know about. So in the spirit of sharing, as we bloggers so often seem to enjoy doing, I wanted to lighten the mood in light of recent posts and share some of mine.

1) I still maintain a list of 5 celebrities I would bonk given the chance.

Yes Friends finished 10 years ago (and yes writing that made me feel virtually prehistoric) and the debut of Ross’ laminated list was long ago, but I continue to keep a list in my head of the hottest 5 celebs. Ha sad yes, interesting – definitely.

2) I have an unhealthy obsession with David Beckham, particularly in his undies.

Actually truth be told I am greatly attached to Mr and Mrs Beckham, but the H&M underwear ads are quite literally my favourite thing to be created by that clothing brand, even more than their £3 basic tees.

3) I am a mutant who will never get wisdom teeth.

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