Guess who’s back? #TeamHonk2014

Guess who’s back? #TeamHonk2014

Drum roll please…

Without further ado I am really excited to announce that the award-winning, fun-raising phenomenon commonly known as TEAM HONK is officially back for 2014.

That’s you that is! All you people who made Team Honk rock so much last year, and all you who fancy some fun this year. Guess what?

Team Honk won a Brilliance in Blogging Award for Commentary and…da da da…. Comic Relief’s Good News activity from Ghana for Red Nose Day, which Team Honk collaborated on, has now been shortlisted in the Media Relations category at the PRCA awards!

Dream team!

This year the focus is SPORT RELIEF. But before you shunt off to the back of the changing rooms, or try and bunk off, do not fear, we at Team Honk HQ take a very broad minded view of sport. We want as many recruits as possible, we want to be as all encompassing as possible.

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