Guess Who?

Guess Who?

I’m fighting back against the screens that are coming between the boys and I.

I’m not proposing an outright ban. By God I’ve not spent months justifying their educational value only to do away with them altogether, but whenever a screen gets switched on I’m instantly switched off.

They shall remain a wanton distraction for when I need Luca to stay awake whilst I make dinner, or when I need half an hours peace on the sofa to think about what I could be doing were I not sat on the sofa thinking about what I could be doing.

I also don’t see why Luca should get to kill an hour on Pikmin when at his age I had to sit through Pebble Mill, but that’s a bitterness I should probably keep to myself.

And besides, I’d quite like my phone back. If I’ve learnt anything as a parent it’s that you should never have better games on your phone than your other half does. Annoyingly it was Janet who taught me that.

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