Grown Up Fridge Cake

Grown Up Fridge Cake » Emily Beale Photography Last week I stumbled upon the most delicious recipe. I needed to bake for an event I was hosting, and wanted something easy but different. I have made fridge cakes many times and they have always been hit with my family. Our usual recipe includes – chocolate, biscuit and dried fruit. It’s delicious. This recipe is just a little more ‘grown up’ White Chocolate, Pistachio & Cherry - gorgeousness… Dark Chocokate & Macadamia Nut – yumminess… If you fancy making them yourself, just click on the image and download.

I have to admit, that although I’ve melted chocolate many times before I really struggled with this last week. How many times have I made chocolate rice crispy cakes with my boys and never had a problem?! Maybe the quality of the chocolate was poor, or maybe I really did over heat it – whichever it was, I split it – twice! Argh! I tried instructions to fix it, but it was just too far gone. The key, I have discovered, is to not over heat it and to chop finely before melting.

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