Grow your Blog - let's have a party! - The Lou Messugo Blog

Grow your Blog - let's have a party! - The Lou Messugo Blog

Today I'm trying something a little different. I'm going on a Blog Hop. For many of you that term will be familiar, but for my readers who aren't also bloggers, it'll undoubtedly be a new one. So let me explain. I'm participating in a Blogging Party where the idea is to bring all sorts of bloggers together, hopping from one blog to the next, to discover new things, "meet" new people, find new ideas, support each other and hopefully "grow our blogs" while having a good time. Simple! But it's not just fun for the writers, it's also for you, my readers, as you too might find new blogs to enjoy and follow. Some participants will be holding giveaways, which will be open to anyone, whether following that blog or not, and yes, for the very first time I too will be giving away a little something. To find out more, read on.

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