Grow Write Guild #23: Houseplant love

Grow Write Guild #23: Houseplant love

We have a number of house plants that we've had for a long time, so it was tough to decide which to write about. Would it be the Christmas Cactus from my in-laws that arrived as a present shortly after we moved in?

Or the succulent that reminds us of our holiday on the Cinque Terre in Italy?

The poinsettia which we rescued from a DIY superstore just after Christmas that recovered and lasted through until March before we lost it?

Or our prolific baby-having Aloe Vera, which we picked up many years ago at at County Show in Devon? ...Should the plural be Verae though - we currently four indoors with another nine, yes nine in the greenhouse (and I've already given some away). Does anyone local want an Aloe Vera or two?!

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