Grow Write Guild #21: Gardener part 2

Grow Write Guild #21: Gardener part 2

Back at the end of February I posted part 1 on this subject and concluded that the seeds of being a gardener had definitely been sown (sorry).

It's taken a while to progress this second part for a couple of reasons - finding photographs to go with this post which I hoped would also help jog my memory as I realised that just by moving house I didn't become a gardener either! What I hadn't bargained for was having to look through piles of proper photographs as well as lots of digital ones!

We bought our current house in 2002 and I've managed to find the photo that was included in the estate agents' details, see right.

After the first viewing I remember thinking that the garden was "like a park" with its shrubs, trees and bushes. It was a little overgrown but even we could see it had good structure, and we hoped that with some help we'd be able to maintain and control this garden.

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Part 2 ~ Utah, Kanab to the Colorado Border East of Green River