Green Layered White Chocolate Cake

Green Layered White Chocolate Cake

It is my best friend Kimberly’s 40th birthday on the 30th (her and my Dad share the same birth date and he will be 60 this year), and last Saturday she had a party to celebrate this milestone in her life. She of course wanted a cake and she very kindly asked me, even though I was going to offer anyway, if I would make her one. Well of course I would for one thing I LOVE making cakes and secondly I LOVE Kimberly – she and I have been best friends since approximately October 1986, and she has been such a wonderful friend so of course I was going to say yes! We had a little chat and we decided upon a layered sponge with different shades of green inside, as green is her favourite colour. I did originally intend to make a taller cake, but we opted to make some matching cupcakes to save serving and cutting up the big cake for the guests.

So here is how I made her Green Layered White Chocolate Cake

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