Great British Autumn: Fall(ing) in Love

Great British Autumn: Fall(ing) in Love

It's the season of pumpkins, bonfires & Guy Fawkes. The season when colours, weather & ambiance bring out Britain's best self and makes you fall in love with this country.

It's the {great} British Autumn...

It's not harsh like the British winter; yes, it's cold, but not 'drop-dead-cold' like a typical winter in the UK.

Best thing to do: wear something warm and go for "leaf carpet" walking in the park. British Autumn Facts

Prepare for long nights: night falls before 5pm in the UK.

Don't plan vacations: there are no Bank Holidays in autumn.

Wear something warm: mean temperature for the UK in autumn is 9°C.

Carve your pumpkins and buy sweets for Halloween (31st of October).

Expect fireworks & bonfires for Guy Fawkes Night (5th of November).

Brace yourself for Christmas: expect festive lights & displays as early as first weekend of November.

Nice to meet you, Great British Autumn.

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