Great Bloggers Bake off – week 5 – tray bakes!

Great Bloggers Bake off – week 5 – tray bakes!

I have been a bad blogger recently and not managed to join in the last couple of weeks, but time just ran out and I didn’t get it together! So we have worked extra hard this week and made time! Determined to create something yummy and write a post about it before Sunday evening! So this week- Tray Bakes! And we decided to do it a bit differently. Many many years ago in my dim and distant youth (I’m still dim now, just no longer youthful!) my darling MIL introduced me to a whole new world of vegetarian cooking. Having spent many years running her own veggie restaurant she was a true expert and happy to share her recipes! This is my take on a G’ma A signature dish, which I know is a favourite of everyone in the family, and it can be gluten free so a happy Mr K! (it may well have come from another source originally but I learnt it from her!)

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