Graces Gossip - School Holidays Are The BEST!

Graces Gossip - School Holidays Are The BEST! - kidGLloves

Hi GL Gang, welcome to this week’s Graces Gossip. I hope you are all having an AMAZING Easter holiday. I definitely am!

It has been really eventful. Last week on Tuesday, my friend Molly, from school, came round to play. We picked her up in the morning and she came for the day and we played LOADS of different things. We made chocolate Easter nests with my Mum in the afternoon and it was great fun!

I was supposed to have gone horse riding but me and Molly were messing around on my desk chair – the spinny around kind – and I fell off and banged my head REALLY hard. It felt like I had grown another head on my head the bump was so big! My Mum was really worried so we went to the local hospital who checked it over.

They said that because the bump had come out and not gone inside my head then that was a good thing.

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