Grace in small things

Grace in small things

Right now I'm over flowing with gratitude, how can I not be when I am so lucky to be saved and to see God's grace extended to me in so many ways?

Being grateful applies to all levels - the big stuff, dh has a job, we have a home, the kids are healthy etc but it is also really important to acknowledge it in the small stuff in life. When you start to notice God in the everyday and choose gratitude and joy your life will start to change - I promise.

Finding a great new Church where we have been enjoying lively worship and sound teachings A lovely afternoon with my family looking at a Christmas tree and crib festival A divine lunch in the park cafe on a no-tech Sunday A fab training session encouraging me to speak out (yes even more than I already do, there are new avenues to be explored) Time spent with some of our international volunteers  Crafting Christmas cards for friends Making snowman soup with the girls for Christmas gifts

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