GOSH - Centre of Excellence for High Functioning Autism?

GOSH - Centre of Excellence for High Functioning Autism?

I'm going to have to admit to being 'a bit' disappointed.

Nearly a year ago now, we made our first visit to the Social Communications Disorder team at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). Our paediatrician made a referral there for Sasha in February 2013 after we had asked for a more detailed diagnosis. We did this because we felt the term 'autism' doesn't describe Sasha fully. We've always agreed with the diagnosis that Sasha is on the autistic spectrum, but as I've written about many times before, we do feel that she shows all of the signs of Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). So we hoped to get an opinion on PDA from some experts.

We had actually asked for a referral to the Elizabeth Newson Centre, where the experts in PDA reside, but as that is not in our county (it's located in Nottingham) the health practitioners were unable to refer us there (for cost reasons). They did however agree to send the referral to the National Centre for High Functioning Autism at Great Ormond Street, and luckily the team there, who work on complex cases, agreed to consider Sasha.

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