Goodbye Friend

Goodbye Friend

When Alfie was still a kitten the vet said he could hear a slight heart murmur and that if he doesn’t get too excitable, it may never bother him. We decided to get him neutered for that reason and the male nurse admitting him that morning to hospital was sympathetic with Alfie in a man to man sort of way, knowing he was away to get his balls off! Alfie was very friendly, unlike Mille but he didn’t cope so well when Daisy was born and started staying out more often. With a new baby on the way I was afraid of the cats being in the house during the night and we already had an outdoor cat house that we made. It’s one of those garden furniture storage containers, so they were perfectly safe to be in the house at night at it’s been like that almost four years now. After Daisy was born Alfie went a bit feral, we would see him in the garden but he didn’t want to come inside, not even in winter. I would put food out for him in his box and it was getting eaten, so he was happy enough.

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