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Good Times - kidGLloves

Hi Gang,

So sorry Graces Gossip is a bit late this week – it’s just that I have been having a wonderful time with my parents and I didn’t want it to end.

IMG_6422First of all, at horse riding last week I rode a different horse for the first time ever. Instead of Pytoe I rode Morgan. He was hard work because he wouldn’t really listen to me and I had to keep kicking him but I had a great time and am still getting better with my rising trot.

Last Thursday I felt really proud because my teacher, Mrs King, moved me up two whole levels to Gold reading books. I chose a great book called ‘Bear’ by Mick Inkpen (the man who wrote Spot) and I read it to my Mum who was very proud of me :)

I was SO excited for Friday because me and my Mum and Dad were going to my Dad’s (Ross) parents house. They live on Portland near Weymouth and they have the best house ever. This is the view from the lounge!:

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