Good Luck From The Bellboy

Good Luck From The Bellboy This is the front of one of our greeting cards. As you can see, it shows a bellboy delivering a message.

What is the message? It is a horseshoe wrapped in a ribbon. And of course, a horseshoe means good luck.

And just to drive the message home there is the text ‘Good Luck’ written below.

Look at his shiny shoes, his tuxedo and red buttons, the epaulettes on his shoulders, and his red pillbox hat.

The Life Of A Bellboy

Here’s a description from Roger M. Rogers in his 2006 book of reminiscences Bellboy to Barman of life aboard the Royal Mail Lines ocean liner Alcantara.

Bellboy’s uniform was a maroon jacket with sixteen buttons, two gold epaulettes on the shoulder, a pair of white gloves that were placed under them to hang from the shoulder, and a pillbox hat, black trousers and along with black socks and a highly polished pair of black shoes.

The Alcantara sailed between the English port of Southampton and destinations in South America, including Rio de Janeiro.

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