Good Causes: Giving & Sharing

Good Causes: Giving & Sharing

With Christmas & the holiday season approaching, I'm always reminded how lucky we are.

We have good health, a roof above our heads, a fridge full of food and more clothes than we can wear.

It sounds cliché, I know, but sometimes everyday (big or small) sorrows make you forget true pain & suffering...

...the kind of pain that needs huge amounts of humanity, kindness & resources to be softened...

Keys of Change

The Cause They believe that playing music can make this world a better place. The charity was established in 2011, by Greek pianist Panos Karan, with the aim of advancing lives of children through musical education and access to classical music performances.

A Mum in London Credit: Tariq Zaidi / Keys of Change

The Work Keys of Change has given performances in remote areas of the Amazon basin, in Japan after the 2011 nuclear disaster, in Uganda and in Sierra Leone. In 2014 they will continue their projects in Sierra Leone, India, Uganda and Ecuador.

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