Gone Hiking: The Allgäuer Alps

Gone Hiking: The Allgäuer Alps

Summer has been a long time coming in Germany this year, which means that there haven't been a lot of good weekends to head for the mountains. Add to that a trip to America, many other busy weekends, and the result is that the first real hiking trip of the year had to wait until July.

Besides my visits to Neuschwanstein, I haven't spent much time in the Allgäu. I have a few students who are from the area originally, and I've heard a lot of good things, so I was excited to see more.

Turns out, the good things I heard were absolutely right. The Allgäu makes up the most south-west corner of Bavaria (and sneaks into Baden-Württemberg a little bit), which makes it the exact opposite of my other Bavarian love, Berchtesgaden in the south-east corner. It was absolutely gorgeous, thankfully erasing the memory of the giant traffic jams we sat in to get there.

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