Going Wild!

Going Wild!

Apart from going back to school, September isn't a month with a specific event to build a theme around so here at Mrs Fox's we took the opportunity to go wild. So, this month Mrs Fox's Crafty Box is all about Wild Animals... monkeys, lions, giraffes, elephants and... mice.

The box has all that's needed to create these cheeky monkey masks in the snap above.

We have a beautiful hand drawn 'Lion, King of the African Plains' handy flip flap (!). Ah yes, what on earth is that? Did you ever as a kid, take a square of paper and fold it several times to make a 'fortune teller'. Do you remember? 'Pick a colour', 'Pick a number'. Then, 'You smell' or 'You're lucky'.

Our lion is like that, except you can colour him in perhaps and learn a little origami folding. Come and craft with Mrs Fox every month...

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