A few months ago, a friend gave us a Tinker Bell  dvd. It sat on the shelf for a while, and then one day when S was teething and nothing was working, I put it on for her. She was instantly hooked. It quickly became our go-to dvd for when S was feeling a little sensitive, or teething, or over-tired. Over Christmas, when she was suffering with four molars, we watched it daily. Sometimes several times a day.

S watching Tinker Bell

At the beginning of the movie, a baby laughs. One day, S started saying "baby!" right before the baby came on screen. Then one day I noticed she would do a little pretend sneeze right before one of the characters sneezed. There's a bit where they're riding in a horse and card (with a mouse instead of a horse) and it falls over. She puts her hands to her cheeks and exclaims, "oh no!" In another bit, two of the characters are insulted and hang their heads. S copies their movements and facial expressions. When the fairy queen nods, so does S.

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