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We have the most remarkable blue flowering shrub in the garden at Lou Messugo. It's in full bloom and in its prime right now. I just had to share it with you. It's certainly one of the most successful things we've planted here. It's name is Céanothe in French and Trewithen Blue in English.

Four years ago, in May 2010 we planted a small spindly plant about 40 cm high. Today it's over 2 metres high and about 3 metres wide.

I've tried to show some before and after photos, but the befores weren't easy to find as we had a disaster in 2010 and lost pretty much all our photos of that year. Tragic! And a lesson to BACK UP everything numerous times. They were on an external hard drive which met with an untimely and un-natural death!

I've managed to pull a few things out of the archives, though it's extra sad that we lost photos of 2010 as that's when we opened the gîte and really started to get to grips with the garden. 2009 was all about building the house.

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