Gluten Free Shortbread

Gluten Free Shortbread

There is the smallest chance I may have mentioned before how much I like shortbread, how much of a role shortbread play in our family. With the chocolate shortbread, I had to convince my mum that it would work but one taste and she knew I was right. With the apricot and walnut shortbread I knew I was taking a risk but I think the chunks of fruit and nut worked wonderfully. The brown sugar shortbread added a hint of caramel which I was always going to love and the ginger iced shortbread has proven itself several times over now. You'd think that de-glutenising shortbread would be a no-brainer - no gliadin and glutenin to form and develop the gluten would make it extra short, perfect. Yet the mass producing factories have had it all wrong. My coeliac housemate should know. She has sorely missed good tasting shortbread for ages.

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