Gluten-free playdough The Free From Fairy

Gluten-free playdough The Free From Fairy

It has been half term here hence the lack of posts in the last week. Of course, being half term the kids came down with the obligatory illnesses and I have been thinking of ways to entertain them whilst keeping them from running around (for some reason my kids seem to have no off button even when they have high temperatures!).

Yesterday I decided to make a new batch of playdough. I have always made playdough with ‘normal’ flour before and just made sure that my daughter has washed her hands really well after playing with it. However, I decided, for the benefit of my readers, that it may be useful to develop a good recipe using gluten-free flour available on prescription.

In addition to that I thought I would see what products were on the market for kids to play with that was gluten-free. I know a few years ago we searched for gluten-free play materials and didn’t come up with much so I did some further research and found a number of products that you might like to try.

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