Glosspiration #1 - Great Britain

Glosspiration #1 - Great Britain

I haven't put up a post in a while and more importantly, I haven't truly sat down to blog 'from the heart' [gag] in ages. My blog and I are suffering from identity crises after being thrust into a new land with no compass. We are fishes out of water. Ambitions are wavering, motivation is lacking, dreams are being disregarded... I'm letting too many things get to me, but not for long. I am working on new ways to stay positive which I will probably share with you in due time. For now though, here's a little bit of inspiration from the island I made using my new obsession, Glossi. Share your usernames or links to your Glossis below if you've got them! I would love to check them out. And if you don't, I highly recommend it if you've always fancied yourself as prime Vogue Editor-material like I have. - See more at:

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