Gloss Paint Or Satinwood?

Gloss Paint Or Satinwood?

Having recently painted an obscene amount of wood in our dark hallway, I had to make the decision of which paint to use…gloss paint or satinwood?

We weren’t in our new house months before I noticed that the woodwork in the rooms with little or no direct sunlight were beginning to yellow. Even on window ledges, I would love a vase to dust and the paint would be yellow underneath. I had never seen anything like it!

As it turned out, our house was painted with the first batch of Dulux gloss since the EU legislation changed and that magical chemical that kept it from yellowing was removed. The builder was taking no responsibility.

So, I did a fair bit of research when we decided to paint the hall and lets just say, I found it a little it confusing, with the amount of conflicting advice out there on forums especially. At the time I played it safe and went with oil based gloss out of familiarity. But, I’m already having buyers remorse!

I’ve done extensive research into this topic now and I wanted to summarise the ‘pros & cons’ of these paints.

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