Global Fitness Day: My Fitness Story | TCD

Global Fitness Day: My Fitness Story | TCD

Do you guys know what would have a more appropriate picture for this post? A picture of yours truly sweating like a turkey on Thanksgiving in her best exercise-y duds.. But fortunately for us all, the day that happens is not today. "Why?" I hear you ask. "Today is Global Fitness Day after all according to celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza," I hear you persist. Well, I'll tell you why: I. Don't. Do. Exercise. I won't go so far as to say I have never exercised before in my life because I was quite an energetic child to begin with. I had to make up for being troublesome by being quick on my feet, if you know what I mean (hi, Mum!). I used to dance as well and I was on my school's track team for about six years. You know, back when I could run further than fifty metres without wheezing (OK, slight exaggeration). - See more at:

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