Giving Up Social Media for Lent - Week 3

Giving Up Social Media for Lent - Week 3

I don't watch live TV any more. I use the catch-up service on my cable TV to scroll through what was on TV last night or the night before, and decide if any of it is worth watching... Quite often, none of it is. What's struck me this week about not being on social media, is that it's kind of the same. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter being bombarded by every detail of people's lives; I choose who I interact with, whose stories I hear or read, whose problems I know about. It's quite refreshing to have pulled myself out of that constant stream of it all. And yes, I know that I post a lot myself (even at the moment) but I do at least try to keep it positive and upbeat. So many people are miserable, whiney, spreading hatred and fear and distrust and general unpleasantness - or just schadenfreude I suppose. I haven't missed any of that at all. I miss knowing what my friends are up to, but I'm sure if anything terribly important happens, I'll receive a text or an email!

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