Giving Up Social Media for Lent - One Week Down!

Giving Up Social Media for Lent - One Week Down!

On the one hand, I have a lot of "spare" time. Previously, I would "just check Facebook" when I got up in the mornings, when I got home from the nursery run, while I was on the phone, when S went for her nap, several times during the day, when S was in bed. Possibly more so for my Twitter feed. It slowed my day down, and often delayed my work by an hour at a time as I forgot what I was doing and ended up trawling through my newsfeed. Now that interacting on Facebook and Twitter are not an option, I'm getting my work done sooner. So far, this means I've been able to fit more work into my day, and my evening is more likely to be free for watching dvd box sets. Or reading. I had intended that my extra spare time would be spent broadening my mind, but so far it's just meant I've been able to get addicted to Arrow.

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