Giving Up Make Up For Lent

Giving Up Make Up For Lent

I'm not the only giving up daft things for Lent; Lucy Sutton has given up (brace yourselves, ladies) wearing make up for Lent!

When I was on BBC WM on the first day of Lent talking about not interacting on social media, Lucy was also interviewed. I emailed her afterwards and asked if she'd like to share her experience on the blog...

You may be reading the title of this and thinking – WHAT?!

Yes you read right, I have decided to give up make up for Lent.

Now this wasn’t a decision I took lightly, I can assure you, I made sure that there weren’t going to be any BIG celebrations during the time of my make up abstinence, that I needed to put on my slap for and I think I definitely got the timing right!

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