Gingerbread Biscotti

Gingerbread Biscotti Previous to this I've had the same problem over and again with biscotti. I simply couldn't get them to go crunchy after their second bake. Now I've got a base recipe which work for me though so I'll be away with all my ideas. I would quite happily much these all year round but let me state right now that if you are looking for a truly seasonal biscuit then this recipe will deliver. Dunk them in tea, hot chocolate (yes!!!!) or coffee, pretty much any steaming hot drink you can think of and you will sink into a state of welcome bliss. Pre-dunking each bit brings a satisfying crunch reminiscent of amplified boots walking on fresh crisp snow. After dunking they biscuit hold itself together long enough to reach your taste buds where it will dissolve and release its warming, quilted sensation to wrap you up against the winter chill.


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