Ginger Iced Shortbread

Ginger Iced Shortbread

Mum made some of this as part of her Christmas baking but I wanted to have a go myself because it really is a very nice alternative to good old plain shortbread. It's still really simple and quick to mix together and the icing is a doddle too.A buttery base flecked with shreds of stem ginger crumbles to rich perfection beneath a smooth, melting fudgey icing. The heat can be ramped up as desired - the recipe can take that extra spoonful of ground ginger here or there and maybe even an extra ball of stem ginger chopped instead of grated if you like little nuggets of spice revealed here and there. Shortbread, and even its variations is simplicity itself. Short and sweet, just like its name. It makes me glad I gave it a go. I feel an intense, fiery version will be coming along at some point,

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