Ginger Bonfire Toffee Crinkles

Ginger Bonfire Toffee Crinkles Dark, chewy, comforting and a kick of warmth from the triple amounts of ginger, these go perfectly with a cup of tea. I've extensively tested this fact and am pleased to report that although deliciously chewy, they are perfect for dunking. Instead of going immediately to mush, they soak up enough tea to dissolve on the tongue, releasing all the flavours of autmun you could desire while remaining in tact long enough to make the transfer from liquid to mouth. I knew I would not be disappointed when I first pinned these. I'm just not sure if I am at the stage where I want to share them with people at uni. You know when you go past the point of wanting to keep them all for yourself and arrive at being so pleased you want to proclaim your happiness to anyone who will listen and tast test? Maybe I'll have to sample a few more first just to make sure.

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