Giant's stride for mankind...

Giant's stride for mankind...

So today we're back at Glendurgan for probably our last visit and I'm ending with something that amuses me greatly. In fact I'm amazed there are any photos to record this silliness as I was giggling so much. So here you have it, MOH and the giant strides at Glendurgan... What would I do without him to test this for me!

Before you get to the photos let me tell you more about the Giant's stride. It was installed by the Fox family in 1913 on what was previously a miniature croquet lawn, and what a change that must have been! As you'll see below it's a large pole with six ropes with handles on the ends. You - or in this case MOH - choose a handle and run round the pole until you can swing out and take giant strides. Meanwhile I'll be there with the camera in burst mode saying something like "let's try that again" in between giggles!

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