Getting Organised for 2015

Getting Organised for 2015

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my Filofax, in fact I adore it, but since working from home and being mum it doesn’t always work for me.

For the past few years I have had diaries in there that have just remained empty and have never been written in. It has made me sad that I haven’t been using it to its fullest potential, and to be honest it doesn’t work for me not having a diary I forget things and I do need something.

Last year I was looking for a way to get us as a family organised and came across some American blogs that had home organisation centres and I feel in love with the idea, but also knew that the way they had developed them wasn’t really going to work for our family, so I began thinking about how I could have something along those lines that actually we would use and worked for us as a family.

So this year I ditched the diary in the Filofax, I know what am I doing.

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