Getting my S**t Together!

Getting my S**t Together!

Getting my S**t Together! OK, this is it. This is the last whiny, feeling sorry for myself, post. I have to get my shit together.

I have spent most of the last few days wallowing in self pity and crying. This has to stop! I have not picked up a sewing needle or a pencil. I have done very little. So lets get it all out now, lets lay the cards on the table and try to get myself back to 'normal'.

You see, I didn't just have a Dr's appointment this week, in which I found out why I was in PAIN. I have also had a diabetic review, with the nurse. Yes, you guessed it.........

More Bad News

I go to quarterly reviews. They weigh me, review my HBAC1 (for those not in the know, that is an average of your blood sugar reading, over the 3 previous months), they also weigh me.*sigh*  

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