Getting moving.

Getting moving.

Getting moving. I need to get moving, in so many ways. 

Mostly I need to get moving my butt a bit more, in other words.....


Don't we all hate that word??! It's become synonymous with pain. With something we HAVE to do. 

So how do we make it pleasurable? 

This is a question I have often asked myself, still asking. 

My problem is my size. According to my BMI I am morbidly obese. I say that, but I don't think I allow the true meaning of it to sink in. Breaking it down to a true meaning...I am putting my life in danger, by carrying this much weight. How hard is that to tell yourself? I am killing myself with food. Even if I cut back on the amount I eat, the stuff I eat, I still won't lose weight. 

I have to EXERCISE.

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