Getting Children to Unplug

Getting Children to Unplug My kids received a Disney Infinity 2.0 for Christmas and are in love with all the new characters. They are constantly asking to play it and will sit in front of the TV all day playing games if I let them. Even though I get to enjoy some peace and quiet while the boys are gaming, it’s not reason enough for me to allow them to binge on Disney Infinity all day long.

Inspired by Kelly from Mum-bo-Jumbo who made an airport terminal out of recycled materials, the kids and I set out to build a Disney Infinity Space Station out of cardboard boxes.

Making the space station allowed them to create their own world in the same way they are able to make a world in the Disney Infinity game! They still get to ‘play’ Disney Infinity, just off screen!

Here’s how we made our Disney Infinity Space Station.

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