Get serious now about applying for school places

Get serious now about applying for school places t’s a Tuesday morning and my family of four are about to begin a tour of a local primary school. It has an excellent rating, but is it good enough for our children?

We’re not going to send them to any old school!

Has this place got what it takes to help nurture E-Man into becoming Prime Minister or better still centre forward for Chelsea? Will it be good enough to launch Bell onto an inevitable path to Oxford University or becoming the next Taylor Swift?

I’ve carefully researched and drawn up a top 5 list of primary schools we’d consider in our area; we’re having a look at all five over a few weeks just in case we don’t get our first choice, which is a nailed-on certainty. Isn’t it?

After 27 months we’re at last in control of something again. What a relief!

We’ll see.

Anyway, we’re waiting patiently at the school’s main reception area when I notice that another mum and dad have also brought along their child for the tour.

I breathed a gentle sigh of relief.

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