Get on your bike…

Get on your bike… » Emily Beale Photography Every day brings us closer to our bike riding event for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, you can see the details here and we are getting so excited!

Today we’re sharing a little inspiration, both of the artistic and fundraising kind with our top tips for gathering sponsorship money.

I love these prints, especially the use of a little cockney rhyming slang! Loving all that vintage inspiration.

Our bike ride isn’t just about enjoying cycling together with family and friends, it’s also about raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign Charity. Until recently I’ve never been every good at collecting sponsorship money. I guess I just needed to find something I felt passionately about that would motivate me to ask people. I still like to offer something in return – cake in exchange for pennies or in this case a closed costal road for the opportunity to cycle safely. However seeing my boy’s condition deteriorate every few months is reason enough for me to ask friends, family and community members to get on their bikes and raise money.

So how about some top tips to help you gather your sponsorship money…

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