Get Lucky

Get Lucky

I went back to my old college (BCoT, since you ask) yesterday to deliver a talk on how choosing to go back into education after a shaky finish at secondary school gave me a second crack of the whip and most certainly changed my life for the better.

*Nervous face*

It was an important event for me, so much so that in the weeks leading up to it I slept fitfully amidst dreams of failure, and the adrenalin rush caused by facing eighty automotive students during the first session made my heart pound. I tried to break the ice with a joke centred around Pixie's 'What Goes Boom' (my heart - geddit?), but it was like holding a match to the Antarctic as twenty-year-old students evidently do not listen to Pixies..... The second round, with a group of thirty hair and beauty students fared a little better thanks to the sharing of snacks (as they informed me: "sharing is caring"), and a bit of coaching from my host who is possibly only known to some of the students as 'Learner Engagement' but who I found to be a talented artist with an incredibly moving and motivational story to tell but

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