gender, diversity and pink sparkly ribbon

gender, diversity and pink sparkly ribbon

I worked with Chesterton School in Battersea Park during Book Week. I really feel I must make a special mention of this exceptional school, which is giving a first class start in life to it’s wonderful and impeccably behaved pupils, in difficult social circumstances. It is an oasis of calm in a very urban estate, traffic thundering past, with light airy rooms and enthusiastic, committed teachers. There was an appetite and appreciation from the children for what I had to offer that made it the perfect author visit. At one point when I read aloud there was clapping at the end of every sentence! I was very touched – but quickly replaced full stops with commas and ‘and’ just so we could keep going. We were making mini-matchbox beds for Martha and her bunny brothers… How proud they are of their work! I was photographing their matchboxes when the children had gone out to play, and one small chap rushed back in wearing his coat and pointed – ‘LOOK! I MADE THIS ONE!’

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