Garden Invasion!!

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This week, my garden has been invaded by pests, they’re trying to take over!!.

As I’d run out of the my usual pest-control products, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try out an alternative ‘green’ method. After a bit of research and a root around in the kitchen, I found all of the ingredients I needed and set to work.

I faced two problems…

Pest 1 ~ Weeds

We have a very large patio, we use it all year round for eating, relaxing, dozing (that’s me), cycling (that’s Son), and running around chasing balls (that’s Dog). But with all of those flag stones, comes the potential for a lot of weeds. I have, in the past, controlled them by pulling up those that can be pulled up and spraying the rest with shop-bought weed killer. So, with the weeds popping their heads up between the patio flag stones, I decided to try out the ‘salt and vinegar’ method.

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