Gammon Cawl and Cheesey Garlicky Scones

Gammon Cawl and Cheesey Garlicky Scones

Cawl is very much back on the weekly menu these days. Having spent most of the summer term going to a language centre to be taught on an intensive Welsh course, the kids are now speaking Welsh with what appears to be alarming fluency (especially when they are bickering), and well versed in all manner of Welsh customs, including bursting unprovoked into renditions of Sosban Fach and Ar Hyd y Nos...

They are loving their school, and the dinners continue to be a big hit. They enjoyed the school dinners at their old school, but they always came home ravenous. Here, though, there are seconds and thirds on offer. It is not unusual for them to refuse the treat that I meet them with from the bus because they are still full from lunch. So my longheld dream of being able to provide an easy tea on school dinner days is realised...

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