Game of Crowns at Kensington Palace

Game of Crowns at Kensington Palace

Did you know that this Christmas in London you can be crowned Queen (or King) and sit on a throne in a real palace?

Where? Right at Kensington Palace in Hyde Park (the royal family's home)!

How? You will earn your crown and sit on the thrown after playing the fun, traditional games that can be found all over the palace, while visiting a beautifully decorated Kensington Palace.

Impressions? The ambience was regal, the games were fun and educative, the palace is worth visiting, the staff was very helpful.

In a nutshell: a nice way to spend a (festive) family day out.

Practical Info

Kids go free.

Adults' entrance is £15.00.

Open from November 30 to January 6, from 10:00 - 17:00.

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Disclosure: We were invited to try out the Games. Wording & views my own.

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