{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #17

{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #17

I really don’t know where the days are going lately. I feel like I was just writing last week’s Funny Phrase Day Friday, and here I am again. Mr P took this week off work, so it’s been a great week full of quality family time. And with that, Buba was in good form, providing Mommy with some great funnies this week.

Buba’s attitude has emerged from the depths of his 2 1/2 year old self. It’s sassy, it’s brassy, and not at all classy. Now, I have a toddler that is talking back at every opportunity! Conversations go like this…

Me: “Eat your carrots, please”.

Buba: “I eat my potatoes FIRST!”

…potatoes now gone…

Me: “Please eat your vegetables”.

Buba: pointing a the tiny spec of potato on his plate, “I eat MY POTATOES FIRST, Mommy,” licking the last spec off his plate.

…trying to take his unfinished dinner away because he is clearly not eating it…

Buba: “That’s my plate, let me eat FIRST”.

Me: “Well make up your mind”.

…after dinner…

Me: “Do you need to go potty?”

Buba: “I just do this first, Mommy,”tapping his finger on his cars.

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