Fun in Felixstowe

Fun in Felixstowe

POD is always saying she wants to build a snowman – you can guess why! Almost as regularly she asks if she can build a sandcastle at the beach. Although we headed to the wonderful Frensham Little Pond recently, Surrey isn’t known for its beaches.

We had last week off work so we spent a few days in Suffolk. POD’s Grandparents, affectionately known as Buba and Gagam, live there. They’re only half an hour away from Felixstowe too – an Edwardian seaside town on the North Sea coast.

There’s something calming about being near the sea and hearing the sound of the waves. It was a glorious day too so the sun just sparkled on the water. A gentle breeze made for a perfect temperature.

Although POD has been on beaches in the past, she wasn’t old enough to remember. This time she wanted to go in the water almost as soon as we arrived.

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