Fun Gardening Activities By Annabelle Smyth

Fun Gardening Activities By Annabelle Smyth

Children are naturally drawn to the outdoors and fun gardening activities are a great way to introduce them to the joys of the garden. If you start young, you might even have a willing helper for your garden when they get older. Every child deserves to spend some time getting to know plants and flowers and experience the wonder of watching a plant grow. Here are a few activities to get started:

A butterfly garden

Butterflies are magical to a child, and a butterfly garden is beautiful with its mix of bright, flowering plants. It can be as big or small as you have room for, as long as it’s in full sun. You’ll need a mix of flowers for a nectar source, such as asters, daisies, coneflower or lupine. Also, a plant saucer with a little water on the ground will provide a water source. Add in a few flat rocks around the garden for resting spots, and you’ll make butterflies happy.

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