Fudgy Beer Brownies

Fudgy Beer Brownies

I recently saw my friend Stephanie make these on her fab website Kitchen Frolic and knew I had to make these very Fudgy Beer Brownies too!

Stephanie is from Toronto in Canada (a city I love!) and we met after starting our blogs around the same time. It’s been great to see how our sites have both developed in the past couple years. Stephanie also hosts a Cookie Advent Calendar in December, featuring a different blogger, with a different cookie recipe every day. I have been thrilled to be a part of this!

But last week, I saw the beer brownies Stephanie had made with Samuel Adams beer. They looked so gooey and delicious I knew I wanted to make them.

I decided to use a different tipple to Samuel Adams. A favourite of mine and Disneyboi’s is Blue Moon – a beer that is brewed with Valencia oranges. It’s really delicious and so perfect to add to the brownies. 

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